A close call…

I went to Cloverhill on Saturday and bought some roving to dye with more kool aid…which I did.  (I’ll post pic’s when I have more time)  I did small batches.  This was a DUMB thing to do, since I ended up loving most of it and now want more of it…  Well, we all know what kind of chance I have of matching the colors from before….  What was that??  Something about a snowflake and hell…??  Yeah.  Anyway, I went back to Cloverhill on Sunday (the very next day) and most of the roving I had bought before was gone!!  Someone had come in and bought a ton of it.  All of the light brown (that I didn’t buy on Saturday, but wanted to on Sunday), a lot of the light natural that I had been dyeing… I was really glad I didn’t wait until next weekend (which I was considering) because it would have been all gone and I would be shit out of luck!  SO ANYWAY….  I have some more roving that I am gonna dye, prolly this weekend, but this time with some of it I’m gonna use food coloring (a suggestion by a fellow dyer).  I could get all sorts of cool colors with that!  I’m looking for a nice deep green and don’t really want to get into the whole acid dyeing thing yet. I will, eventually…  But right now I’m comfy with kool aid and food coloring.


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