Adventures with Kool Aid

I decided the other night to dye some of the natural roving I have with some Kool Aid I had on hand…  I used Grape, Tropical Punch and Orange.  The roving was thick and me, being a dumbass, didn’t separate it at all, so there ended up being big spots that didn’t make friends with the dye at all.  I was really bummed about that until I started spinning.  What I thought was going to end up a muddy-color mess turned out beautifully, in my opinion.  I only regret that I only did a little bit as a test.  Big Dumbass.  I didn’t take a pick of the roving, I meant to and totally forgot, but I did saved a tiny ball of the single.  I plied half of it with itself and the other half I plied with a cream mohair I had laying around.  I like the plain more, but the mohair is interesting, in it’s own right….  So, tell me what you think…



Have a safe and happy weekend!!!


4 thoughts on “Adventures with Kool Aid

  1. I completely agree. The more I have it around and the more I touch it and look at it, the plain is definitely the better of the two. And that is exactly why I like to experiment!! LOL

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