The Joy of Spinning…

So, I got a spinning wheel, from Avery, for Yule.  I can’t even begin to explain how happy that makes me.  She’s an Ashford Traveller….as yet unfinished Silver Beech…  I haven’t stopped spinning long enough to stain her yet.  Yes, it’s a she, her name is Charlotte….after the grand web spinning spider.  I don’t want to post a picture of her until she’s all done, but I have a pic of the model to share….as well as a pic of my very first, usable, handspun yarn!!!

wheel      1st Yarn


6 thoughts on “The Joy of Spinning…

  1. Jenn P. says:

    That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn how to spin but that might have to be saved for much further in the future… too many things going on now as it is!

    ~ J.

  2. Thanks, ladies… I did make my Mom a neckwarmer out of a bit of it… I might make one for myself out of a bit more, but I do want to keep at least some of it just as it is. I am having a blast with the whole spinning thing. It’s taking up much of my time and attention right now. I just wish I could stop spinning long enough to stain the poor girl…she’s still naked! lol

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